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Kevin Foresman: Art, Apparel, Energy Healing, Photography, Podcast, Audio & Video

Kevin-Foresman-Logo-Black-KFOI am Kevin Foresman, a multimedia artist in Dallas, TX. I create abstract art from photographic images, seen online at SeeUnSeeN where I believe I have captures a glimpse of an energetic matrix which is not normally perceived in normal consciousness. I have displayed my art at two galleries, the Alex Grey Microcosm Gallery in New York and the Goss Michael Foundation Gallery in Dallas Texas. I create meditation videos using this imagery and add them to YouTube where since 2008 they have been viewed over 1.5 million times. As a trained audio engineer, I have recorded and produced podcasts concerning healing and aspects of spirituality. I have also built over 300 WordPress websites, this being one of them. I currently am the co-owner and Director of Marketing and Operations for Massage Integration, a mobile luxury spa massage service serving Dallas, Austin and Houston, TX, and co-owner of Health Reconnection where I serve as an energy healer providing an advanced form of energetic healing similar to Reiki but far more powerful, efficient and longer lasting called Reconnective Healing. I have helped many clients over the past few years to heal themselves and return to an optimum state of balance in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. For me, life is art and I approach life as a healing, free form, creative experience.