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Today-is-the-day-that-you-can-start-living-your-dreams-with-life-coaching-by-Kevin-ForesmanWellness Life Coaching and Holistic Health Coaching are similar and help you to create an integrated approach to experiencing your life to its fullest potential. Wellness coaching uses the coaching model of practical capacity building in the health care field to assist in preventing disease, healing disease, reduce disease risk and aiding in the recovery from surgery and other medical procedure. Like life coaching, health coaching is focused on making practical decisions about next steps in life and how to break goals into action steps or achieve more self-efficacy in improving well-being by changing at risk behaviors.

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My Holistic Health and Wellness Life Coaching is based on an approach to total life management in a holistic way, with the support of Mind-Body practices that help to empower the individuals receiving the coaching to have greater vitality and capacity to energetically seek to fulfill their intentions and goals. Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching, along with life and executive coaching are perfect in wellness programs and in the area of work life balance and for stress reduction and disease prevention. Health coaching is probably the most important program component in any holistic health care and medicine program or integrative medicine program as it is the key to empowering patients to take greater responsibility for the health and successes.

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