Tips for Dealing with Stress during Christmas Holidays

Kevin-Foresman-Santa Tips for Dealing with Stress during Christmas HolidaysMerry Christmas! December is typically a very stressful month for most folks. The holidays should be a time of big relief and full of relaxation after the big build up in the upcoming weeks. We spend our time from Thanksgiving on spending extra money on Christmas gifts while dealing with the potential financial stress that can pop up as we hope and pray that supposed Christmas bonus checks will cover the initial shortfall in our banking account. We attend Xmas parties at the office and at friendly get-togethers where the liquor flows and other controlled substances avail themselves, eating rich and overly sweet holiday foods for fear of offending our gracious hosts. We can also feel forced into experiencing seemingly left open painful wounds that hanging out with the family during these festivities tend to pour fresh expensive holiday sea salt into… that slow hot burning sensation, that’s how chestnuts feel roasting on the open fire… ouch!

How does Santa do it? Year in and year out he always seems so happy, carefree, and apparently stress free, and this guy must certainly deal with lots of potentially stressful situations during his own preparations for the big Christmas night of charitable gifting fun. I mean, wow, every year this big guy stays jolly through immigrant elf labor disputes, reindeer game management and deer bonus paycheck decisions, complex technological and logistical problem solving regarding his dissemination of gifts to the children of the world in the duration of one evening where failure is not an option, and Mrs Santa Clause’s own battles with weight loss and bulimia, severe depressive winter mood swings, feelings of abandonment and lack of self esteem, the pills, and responding to it all by overeating big green gumdrops and pumpkin spiced cappuccinos while lashing out vindictively at Santa right when he’s about to walk out the door… again… on his “sacred Christmas mission”, all of which is well documented in her upcoming celebrity autobiography, “Christmas in Hell: The True Story Behind Being Mrs. Santa Claus.”

Over the millennium, Santa has become a master of dealing with Christmas stress by knowing that there is no such thing as a “stress-free” Christmas, “stress-free” December or “stress-free” anything. Stress is part of the natural order of things. It happens and will continue to happen, its part of the game we play. The answer or remedy to stress is all about anticipating the stress and deciding how we will react to it. When we understand and know this, then we can minimize stressful situations and learn how our reactions to stress is sometimes what is causing the stress. We prepare for everything else, so like Santa, lets prepare ourselves to deal with Jingle Stress positively and proactively.

Un-Stressing Jingle Stress: Its All About Personal Energy Management

Santa’s top tips for dealing with Christmas stress in order to be as “stress-free” as possible this holiday season all revolve around his understanding of his own personal energy management. Santa discovered over the years that our personal energy levels are like a sine wave, they rise and fall, go up and down and this is natural. We tend to feel stressed when we feel we don’t have enough energy, and overcompensate by drinking to much coffee, eating to much sugar, or not getting enough rest thinking that we will rest and relax later on after all of this has passed, which will only make us more tired and require an even longer recuperation period later on. Its OK, we all have done this, but maybe Santa can gift us a better way…

So here are a few of Santa’s Personal Christmas Energy Management Notes & Tips:

  • Drink less coffee, Santa has to remember that more is not better, and avoid holiday flavored varieties full of even more sugar
  • Drink more water, most of us forget to keep re-hydrating ourselves and if its cold outside, try room temperature water so you don’t over chill yourself
  • Easy on the holiday sweets Santa, try just having a taste of those multicolored Christmas sprinkled donuts but not devouring one, two or three
  • If you drink alcohol, also drink a glass of water in between your craft beer and hot buttered rums in order to mellow the effect and keep hydrated
  • Get sleep, rest and rejuvenate nightly, no drinks or food before bedtime and if you can’t sleep, make a list of what’s bothering you so you can attack it tomorrow or read a good book
  • Santa, plan out your day so you can see what needs to be accomplished… is it reasonable and are we ready to get that done all in that day? … preparation is crucial!
  • Spend less on gifts: the amount of money you spend is not important, its just the simple act of giving your time and attention that counts, more valuable than any material thing
  • Be a nice and courteous Santa and you will attract “nice and courteous” into your life, so if you feel the stress turning into anger, just stop, breath, take a moment, reboot, carry on
  • Slow down Santa & get there safer; we want to speed up, do things faster but this usually causes more chaos so plan ahead, leave early, stay late, take it easy on yourself and others
  • Reindeer, elves and snowmen always let you down… or are your expectations on them to much? Let go of unrealistic expectations upon people and situations, just go with the flow
  • Christmas will not make you more or less happy! You and only YOU make YOU happy based upon YOUR reactions to things so don’t worry, just BE happy and you will be… HAPPY!
  • Find some alone time: yes, Santa meditates, says prayers and sometimes simply listens to Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas” all by his lonesome just to have a little down time… alone, nothing personal… ahhhhh!
  • Listen more, yak less… just stop talking and start giving of yourself by just listening to someone else in a conversation… these days, that is really a gift we all would like to receive
  • Be relaxation, be jolly, be happy, be Christmas… that’s the spirit, Santa, and remember, who really loves you… you do, yes, YOU… and that red suit rally makes you look so hot Santa!


So, do what you plan and plan what you do. If things don’t work out perfectly, its OK, just let go a little and it will be fine. Manage your personal energy a little closer this Christmas holiday and you’ll be fine and maybe have a little more fun. If you need any extra help, feel free to give me a call at 972.246.8001 and if I don’t answer immediately, leave a message and I’ll call back asap or email me at with your situation. I have some sessions available for personal consultation and holiday energetic balancing, so please let me know if I can help. Or, just check out my site at and we can go from there. Happy Less Stress Holidays… Ho Ho Ho!