Remove Energy Blocks & Reboot Your Chakras: Integrated Healing Sessions

It’s 2012 and time to remove energy blocks, old energy that no longer serves you, repair energetic pathways and develop new ones, reboot your seven chakra energy centers, and energetically balance out in order to increase your optimal energy health levels. Integrated Healing is a powerful session focused on balancing and integrating the body, mind, […]

Energetic Balancing: Comparing States Of Energy Imbalances

States Of Imbalance By Evan Slawson A comparison of active, hereditary and karmic energetic imbalances. The following information is based upon the work of and revelations received by EMC² co-founder Stephen Lewis in the course of hundreds of thousands of energetic evaluations. EMC² and its AIM Program of Energetic Balancing are concerned with helping participants remove blockages […]